Road blocks and Re-envisionment

Once in a while we get to a point were we feel stuck, and we may feel like we are carrying the weight of the world and are constantly having to motivate ourselves to get through each day. It may be that we are faced with lack of job satisfaction, unemployment, sickness in family, grief,... Continue Reading →


No does not mean convince me!

I love quotes, I look for them on Instagram, on Facebook, on social media statuses and I screenshot them. Quotes are the reason my phone memory is forever begging me to relieve it from its daily constipation. To prove how quote crazy I am I currently have 807 screenshots in my phone and more than... Continue Reading →

What were you doing?

You were in university for four years and you are still single what have you been doing? Most girls from where I am from have most likely been asked this interesting and some what confusing question. By the time you are 23, like me, it is somewhat a requirement for you to not only have... Continue Reading →

A Journey to Wholeness

Wholeness, a term used among christian circles -in my opinion not often enough- meaning fully finding your identity and security in God as an individual and being comfortable in who you are, were you are at spiritually, emotionally, physically. Acts 17vs 28 In him we move and have our being. We all have this inherent... Continue Reading →

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